VC Invoice Step-by-Step


Acquire and Install


Acquire The Program


Starting The Program

Configuring The Program

Main Menu Screen

The Main Menu Screen

Login Name and Password

Changing the Login Name and Password

Editing the Login and Password

Deleting the Login Name and Password

Default Screen Position

Setting the Default Screen Position

General Settings

Modifying the General Settings

Invoice Settings

Setting the Invoice Settings

Letterhead Settings

Modifying the Letterhead Settings

Customer Records

Adding Customer Records

Editing Existing Customer Records

Deleting Existing Customer Records

Adding Discount to the Customer Records

Product Records
Adding New Product Records
Editing Existing Product Records
Deleting Existing Product Records


Configuring The Fixed Overheads

Configuring The Cost Of Sales

Using The Program

The Invoice
Making The Invoice
Reprint An Existing Invoice

Receiving Payments

Credit Note

Making the Credit Note

Standby Sale

Making a Standby Sale
Recall a Standby Sale
Convert Standby Sales to Invoices
Deleting a Standby Sale


Making a Quotation
Recall a Quotation
Convert Quotations to Invoices
Deleting a Quotation

Display Reports
View Invoices Made So Far

View Customers Inputted So Far

View Products Inputted So Far

View Quotation Tables Made So Far

View Invoice Tables Made So Far

View Detailed Invoices Made So Far

View Standby Sale Tables Made So Far

View Debit Payments Paid Out So Far

View Credit Payments Made So Far
View Fixed Overheads Made So Far

View Completed Payments Made So Far

Printing Reports

Printing Out The Sales Reports

Printing Out The Products Reports

Trading Account Reports

Envelope Printing

Price List Printing

Payments Report Printing


How To Register

How To Register


Uninstall Program