VC Soft 

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VC Computer Services

Author: George Inacio

Alpha Tester: Miguel Inacio

Trialware Programs

VC ShutDown

    Shuts Down System with pre-set Date and Time.

VC Invoice

    Invoicing plus small accounts and Tax reports.

VC Backup

    Compresses a directory, and sub-directories, in a ZIP file to easy store on removal media.

VC SplitFile Program

    Splits a large file into small files for easier transportation.

Freeware Programs

VC RamCleaner  Program

    Is a simple Memory cleaner.

VC Tips Database Program

    Stores all your tips in a database format which will allow for easy access to any tips you may need.

VC System Memory Monitor

   A tool to track memory usage.

VC Black Screen Saver

   A simple screen saver with a black full screen display.

VC Video Library

   Catalogue your private video collection!






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