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Whatís New in this Version 1.22?

   One more printer report by Films IN and OUT.

   The box Film In/Out will turn light red if Out.

   On Film Reference screen, there is one more button to turn the films list from All Films to only Films Out and vice versa.

   Fixed a problem on some versions of Windows 95 with a resize plug-in.

    What can VC Video Library do?

    Catalogue your private video collection!

    VC Video Library is a database that stores all your films' information.

    If you lend your videos to friends, the program can record and catalogue information about the friend and the date he/she borrowed it.

    When you find that a film is out, simply check who borrowed it, take down their details and contact them.

    New Video Format coming out?

    No problem, just add it onto the VC Video Library and you're set for the new format.


Easy find by just pressing the first letters of the film title, shortening the list to films that start with the letters you typed in.

You can Print out your list of films in Five different orders to the printer with the Film Print button.

If your Film Names are too long you can select Landscape printer orientation Instead of Portrait printer orientation.

Film List instantly lists all films in the database.

By clicking on a film, you instantly get details on the film and whether it is OUT or IN. You also get all the details of the person who borrowed the film like name, phone number, and the date the person borrowed it.

You can lend films by clicking on the film name and then click on the Lend It button.

Returning films is easy by clicking on the film and clicking on the Return It button.

While Adding or Editing a film by clicking on Video Format or Genre, a pull down list menu is activated, allowing you to select a Video Format and Genre from the list.

Screen Position sets the position of the VC Video Library window to as it was when you first installed it.

Backup and Restore your VC Video Library database onto Floppy Disks.

Deletes the database with a click of a button (database can not be recovered).

Data in Borrower, Genre, Format and Video Maintenance can be Added, Edited and Deleted.

Included is a 250 film VC Video Library database for you to test out the program.

       If you don't want it, just simply click on Delete Database from the Tools menu and follow the instructions.

    There are more self-explanatory features in the program, that are not listed here.

    VC Video Library will run on Windows 9x, Windows Me, Windows NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.



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NOTE: Please read the README.TXT file before installation!
This program is FREEWARE!

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